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Thank You–Gratitude-11–George Will

He makes me laugh; he makes me cry and appreciate; he makes me think…

Crooner Frank Sinatra in 1947

Thanks, Mr. and Mrs. Will, for columnist George Will!

(LAUGH): George Will luxuriates in America’s game — baseball — and its all-time memories and importance in the American psyche, as well as its past buffoonery in the love of the down-trodden Chicago Cubs (2016’s National League representative in the World Series) and random diamond prankstership.

(CRY and APPRECIATE): George Will remembers real music — Frank Sinatra singing “Summer Wind”.

(THINK): George Will realizes “the younger generation” never has read the minutes of the last meeting and will, inexplicably, plunge ahead, only learning as it does so, with no regard to the lessons of the past.

I truly appreciate and am thankful for newspaper columnist George Will. He is, after all, a talented writer from whom every other writer can learn a lesson!

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Thank You–Gratitude-6–WordPress


Truly, here are actual lines of gratitude for WordPress:

No. 1 — New Friends
No. 2 — Quality Writers
No. 3 — Freedom to Write
No. 4 — Chances to Connect
No. 5 — Lessons Learned

Thank you, WordPress, for the endless opportunities!

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Thank You–Gratitude-2–Books About Writing


As I was growing up, having from a very young age found an appreciation for the art of writing, I began to acquire books about how to write well. From there, I began to explore self-publishing concepts. Self-publishing appealed to me greatly, and I’ve been working with the idea of it ever since I read The Publish-It-Yourself Handbook many years ago.

I am very grateful for books about writing and publishing!

Exploring ideas from other writers is invaluable in learning the art on your own.

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