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Thank You–Gratitude-5–Great Inventors and Scientists

Do you ever wonder where we’d be if it weren’t for the great inventors and scientists that were present in our society at different times in history?

BELOW: A photo of Thomas Edison reminds us that he was responsible for giving us the electric light bulb. What a feat — to light the world!


How did we get so fortunate as to have persons interested in humankind’s betterment to the point that they spent their entire lives to that endeavor?

Where Edison (2-11-1847 to 9-18-1931) gave us light, a Scottish inventor, also born in 1847, began the idea of world-wide communication with his invention of the telephone. That was Alexander Graham Bell (3-3-1847 to 8-2-1922.)

American medical researcher Jonas Salk (10-28-1914 to 6-23-1995) ended the terrifying “plague” of polio. In 1952, polio was more feared by Americans than the atomic bomb. The disease caused devastating paralysis and death and included the crippling of our great President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Salk’s discovery of a preventive vaccine for polio came to the rescue.

Frenchman Louis Pasteur (12-27-1822 to 9-28-1895) researched microbial fermentation and gave us the process of pasteurization, a huge boost to our food preservative capability.

These are just four of the major leaps made in our societal health and benefits by special persons of science and invention. How did they come to us?

Today, I’m grateful for the likes of Edison, Bell, Pasteur, Salk, and so many others that humbly devoted themselves to the progress of humankind being able to enjoy richer lives.

Many writers have written of them, for they were, and remain, very inspiring individuals.

(BONUS Trivia: National parks conservationist director David Lamfrom notes this park’s trees are famously “the biggest trees in the world”.
ANSWER: Sequoia National Park in California!)

Photo of Public Domain courtesy of Wikimedia Commons (English), by Louis Bachrach, Bachrach Studios; restoration by Michel Vuijlsteke