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Thank You — Gratitude-16 — Ned Garver and Others

Who needs help today? What can you contribute?

Ned Garver, a Major League Baseball pitcher from the tiny town of Ney, Ohio, which is nestled between the Northwest Ohio farm cities of Bryan and Defiance, passed away Sunday, February 26, 2017.

Ned gave back to his community. And that’s what I’m grateful for today. I’m grateful for the successful who rededicate their lives to their home towns. After his baseball retirement, Ned served his little berg as mayor, council member, and park board associate. For 14 years, he held a job at a local company.

One may jump on the Internet on any given day and read extraordinarily hateful remarks about athletes, celebrities, and others who are fodder for mainstream gossip. And that’s disgusting, coming from people who know nothing about which they speak, for the most part. This, while the facts are that many of these blessed individuals find numerous ways to return the wealth they’ve been given to steward.

Actor Matthew Broderick gave back during last Winter’s basketball season. He helped sponsor the “Never Forget Tribute Classic”, a roundball event that raised funds to benefit children victimized by the loss of their parents on 9/11, when terrorists struck New York City and killed thousands of innocent persons.

Former NFL great Fred Biletnikoff lost his daughter in a drug-related killing, after she had recovered herself and was trying to help another. What was Biletnikoff’s response? He helped found Tracey’s Place, dedicated to his daughter’s memory, and to offering a hands-on facility where persons with drug problems can recover.

These three examples speak of the specially blessed giving back monumentally to their communities, and to the people left behind by tragedy.

Acts of kindness and giving go on year round in our country, not loudly and with fanfare, but with sincerity for distributing helping hands and with dignity in serving humbly.

These are the attributes and the acts that make it worthwhile for humankind to know one another. And I’m grateful for that.

Celebrities and sports figures are an integral part of the American landscape, begging your pen for factual and fictional action!

(BONUS Trivia: Which two states have the most national parks within their borders?
ANSWER: Alaska and California both have eight different parks!)

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Thank You–Gratitude-8–A 9/11 Prayer


Forgiveness is difficult to extend; in some cases, it’s nearly impossible. Aircraft attacks on American society in New York City (and elsewhere) on September 11, 2001, destroyed the lives of thousands. It killed, maimed, and sickened Americans of all creeds and genders.

Even today, doctors from Ohio, and/or California, estimate that of 90,000 people who helped sort things out that day in the affected area in New York City alone, only 65,000 are registered in a program responding to reports of their illnesses. Many are going untreated for respiratory, and other possible aftermath sickness.

As many as 9,500 medical responders came from areas outside New York City to give aid and offer help on September 11. These people also are suffering from lung failures after being overly exposed to the toxic fumes created when huge clouds of concrete dust fell like fog over the city streets as the Trade Center Towers pancaked onto sidewalks and other buildings.

My gratitude today is for the power of prayer: for the survival of our country following those unwarranted attacks, for remembrance, and for those who continue to suffer to find peace.

God Bless America. What can you do to help? What can you write to help spread the word about freedom and the power of prayer?

(BONUS Trivia: Which park is home to the highest peak in North America?
ANSWER: Denali National Park in Alaska!)

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