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Thank You — Gratitude-17 — My Computer

Steady computer operator companions

I’m so grateful for my computer when I haven’t slept a wink, or three, and, of course, for my computer companions — coffee, tea, or an instruction book!

Thank you wee-hour companions, for being there steady as a rock! Without you, I couldn’t get through those last five hours of the morning! Oh, yes, and I’m thankful for eye drops!

I intensely disliked the emergence of the computer era, being the type (no pun intended) that still enjoys a pen/pencil and paper under a maple tree.

And so, I went screaming to the new technology of word-processing, but now I can type-write proficiently. However, a step up to geek-ness is out of the question!

Are you a computer geek; a writing geek; a regular typing writer? What’s your writing preference?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section!

(BONUS Trivia: Becky Lomax, who wrote Moon USA National Parks set for release in October of 2018, said of which national park, “…I knew it had wildlife, but it has lots of wildlife.”
ANSWER: Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota!)

Photo from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg

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Thank You–Gratitude-13–A Quote of Belief

Were 1800 authors better and more informed believers than those we encounter in today’s complicated technology-driven world?


I believe they might have been, for they still are quoted in the new millennium when a slowing down of frantic pace and a retake on thoughtfulness are capable of easing our tension.

What is gratefulness?

Henry Van Dyke (1852-1933) saw many changes in his lifetime, but is still quoted thusly in the 21st Century:
“Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received. Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling. Thanksgiving is the following of that impulse.”

I am grateful today for the wisdom of 1800s circa authors who saw humankind for its true frailty and didn’t hesitate to try to help shape it into an acceptable and forgiving form.

I’m thankful to be able to pursue interests I believe have value.

What are you pursuing with your pen? Do you read writers from the past? What to you, is gratitude?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section!

(BONUS Trivia: Colorado houses which national park that features the Trail Ridge Road?
ANSWER: Rocky Mountain National Park!)

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Thank You–Gratitude-11–George Will

He makes me laugh; he makes me cry and appreciate; he makes me think…

Crooner Frank Sinatra in 1947

Thanks, Mr. and Mrs. Will, for columnist George Will!

(LAUGH): George Will luxuriates in America’s game — baseball — and its all-time memories and importance in the American psyche, as well as its past buffoonery in the love of the down-trodden Chicago Cubs (2016’s National League representative in the World Series) and random diamond prankstership.

(CRY and APPRECIATE): George Will remembers real music — Frank Sinatra singing “Summer Wind”.

(THINK): George Will realizes “the younger generation” never has read the minutes of the last meeting and will, inexplicably, plunge ahead, only learning as it does so, with no regard to the lessons of the past.

I truly appreciate and am thankful for newspaper columnist George Will. He is, after all, a talented writer from whom every other writer can learn a lesson!

Does a columnist live secretly in your pen? Don’t you just love Frank Sinatra — still?

Please burst forth with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section!

(BONUS Trivia: One of Humphrey Bogart’s early movies took place in this park. Name it and its state.
ANSWER: Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona!)

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Thank You–Gratitude-10–True Happiness Is…



Today, I’d like to extend my gratitude to Liberty Center, Ohio’s “Positive People Partners”, creators of National Forgiveness and Happiness Day (today!) October 7 !

The organization suggests reading three times today the Proclamation of True Happiness, a national proclamation that promotes good will among men, and sharing it with as many people as possible !

The entire month of October is National Forgiveness and Happiness month.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking inspiration from this sort of positive attitude and finding ways to write happy endings to your stories!

Are you a positive, happy ending writer? Or, are harsh realities alive in your pen? What do you think about people and attitudes?

Please share your writerly thoughts and opinions in the comments section!

(BONUS Trivia: Biologist David Lamfrom says of our national parks, “We need to practice sustainability…” to ensure all persons may benefit from their experiences in the parks. What position does David Lamfrom hold?
ANSWER: Director of wildlife programs for the National Parks Conservation Association!)

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Thank You–Gratitude-9–Human Resiliency


I’m thankful that Americans know how to bounce back as well as any people in the world.

While terrorists continue their senseless attacks worldwide, attempting to undermine the public’s will and resolve, bouncing back to welcome a new sunrise every day remains a prayerful gift of the sane portion of the human race everywhere on the globe.

The United States as a nation just observed the fifteenth anniversary of the tragedy of the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York City that occurred on September 11, 2001. Thousands of lives were lost and demolished, as well.

I am grateful, as an American, for the togetherness of our nation. Sane citizens recognize we must keep alive the importance of the remembrance of events like the Towers attack. Remembrance is paramount to the survival of our freedom.

Like the horrific Holocaust of World War II, events as tragic as the Towers attack must historically and forever be kept alive, lest the human condition lapses and allows them to  happen again. Always remember; never forget — for the sake of all sane generations to come.

Every story of every human in the world speaks of the human condition, perseverance, and a search for dignity.

How do you feel about remembering sad events and keeping them alive? What does your pen want to say about sadness, memory, resiliency, human dignity, perseverance, and positivity?

Please share your thoughts and opinions, sad, happy, or neutral, in the comments section!

(BONUS Trivia: Mount Rushmore Presidential Bookends are available for purchase as souvenirs. Gutzon Borglum, Mount Rushmore sculptor, designed the molds still used for these bookends. TRUE, or FALSE?
ANSWER: True!)

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Light-hearted Thank You–Gratitude-7-Smores

I am relieved and ecstatic and grateful to know…

that those delightful campfire treats called S’mores can be made up of more ingredients than we can imagine!

S’mores creations don’t have to be confined to graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow concoctions. Graham crackers can be those thin pretzel crackers, instead. The graham crackers can be chocolate ones, instead of plain; or cinnamon graham crackers, I assume! If you don’t like the crackers, or pretzel, choices, you can use some of those instantly toastable waffle squares. How about — yum! — rice cakes as top and bottom holders?

Additionally, I’m thankful to know this: S’mores don’t have to be limited to campfire goodies. You can sear marshmallows and other ingredients in your oven, or a non-stick pan. (Beware, though, that the non-stick variety of pan is important!)

There’s a S’more called “The Grasshopper” that involves mint leaves and mint chocolate as ingredients. How about that “La Mexicana”? It’s got red chili peppers in the center.

You could make “The Elvis”: use a large Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, or two small ones, even, for your chocolate ingredient, and top it with a sliced banana and more peanut butter in the middle.

Hey, throw in some bacon on one of your S’more experiments! Maybe, sweeten things with a melon slice!

What a treat — use a natural ingredient from the national park you’re visiting to create a specific park S’more!

I never made S’mores indoors, to tell you the truth, so my imagination always has been stuck on a traditional campfire S’more of graham crackers, burnt marshmallow — yeah, always burnt! — and slabs of Hersey chocolate bars.

I’m so grateful today to know I can create my own kind of S’more, as long as I don’t completely stray away from the base ingredients — top/bottom choice, marshmallow, and chocolate.

What is your favorite treat?

Please share your thanks in the comments section!

(BONUS Trivia: Which national park holds more species of trees than can be found in Europe?
ANSWER: Great Smoky Mountains National Park!)

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Thank You–Gratitude-6–WordPress


Truly, here are actual lines of gratitude for WordPress:

No. 1 — New Friends
No. 2 — Quality Writers
No. 3 — Freedom to Write
No. 4 — Chances to Connect
No. 5 — Lessons Learned

Thank you, WordPress, for the endless opportunities to write about the things I love!

How do you enjoy using WordPress? What is your favorite thing to discuss, here, at WordPress?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section!

(BONUS Trivia: Fall foliage in this desert park astounded photographer QT Luong during his park visits, which included treks to all 60 national parks. To which park did he refer?
ANSWER: Guadalupe Mountains National Park in Texas!)

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