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A New Year’s Gratitude

Total Lunar Eclipse of the Super Blood Wolf Moon in Progress, January 21, 2019

We’ve closed the Christmas season of 2018, appreciated the New Year’s celebration, 2019, and are officially into our New Year’s Resolutions — ??

Regardless of sustained success with New Year’s resolutions:

  1. — I’m grateful that my family continues to thrive!
  2. — I’m happy to say it and thankful for it — having renewed energy for past projects partially completed, to forge ahead with a fresh outlook!
  3. — For the gift of learning and relearning, I give thanks for: what we have forgotten that may be renewed and enjoyed anew by merely opening an old book; the ability to reabsorb a traditional holiday song; the privilege to visit the library around the corner; the opportunity to listen to a family member who has lived through so much; being capable of writing down my feelings and reevaluating them.
  4. — Thank you to the many gifted persons of the Past who created such musical perfection with which to enjoy the annual Yuletide season!
  5. — And for the new, untried roads of 2019, I give sincere thanks as I explore their avenues!

A Super Blood Wolf Moon is:
A. — the first full moon in January, and
B. — a full moon occurring when the distance between Earth and Moon is as short as possible, plus
C. — a lunar eclipse —

all happening at once!

Say thank you to a Vet today!

Photos from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg

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Lines of Humor — Two

Beware, New Year’s Day Eve (2018) bowl game footballers:


Monday is the 4th Down and long yardage day of the week !

Photo from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg


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Enter…The Lines of Humor — One

I love Nature!


(BONUS Trivia: How many National Parks exist in the state of Utah?
ANSWER: Five!)

Top Photo from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg

Page excerpt from the 1987 book “That’s So Funny I Forgot to Laugh” by Allen Cohen; The Trumpet Club, New York, New York, and Dell Publishing Co., Inc., USA


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Colorado’s Ancestral Puebloan Culture

Ancient Pueblo cliff dwelling in Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

Hovenweep National Monument, Canyon of the Ancients National Monument, and Ute Mountain Tribal Park are all sites tourists may visit when they travel Southwestern Colorado’s Mesa Verde National Park to explore Ancestral Puebloan culture.

Guides take expectant visitors deep into cliff dwelling sites at Eagle Nest House, Casa Blanca, and Casa Colorado in half-day, whole-day, or once-a-year tours.

Do you have a national parks experience, or thoughts on the parks?

Please share them in the comments section!

(BONUS TRIVIA: Mesa Verde National Park is home to close to 5,000 ancient vistas. TRUE or FALSE?
ANSWER: True!)

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Three States Share Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park houses 67 species of mammals. From the hamster-like Pika to the Moose and Mountain Lion, Yellowstone has an impressive array of animals to enjoy.

Raise your own style of thanks for the acres of Yellowstone that cover the corners of the states of Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana.


Yellowstone ranks No. 1 among the 60 national parks in the United States for wildlife viewing!


Have you visited Yellowstone?

Please share your experiences, or thoughts, in the comments section!

(BONUS Trivia: What two desert parks does photographer QT Luong describe as both on his list of the quietest areas he’s visited?
ANSWER: Capitol Reed National Park and Canyonlands National Park, both located in Utah!)

Photos of Yellowstone National Park courtesy of

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Thank You — Vets

It’s no secret that American Veterans saved the world in playing the most major part to end World War II.


But our gratitude toward them seems to hide in the closet for most of the year; then it’s brought forth profusely on military holidays, and at other celebrations with our own families.

Let’s go more public for our Vets — Yes, capital “V” !

Did you thank a Vet yet this year on any day other than today — Memorial Day, 2018?


Thank you, Veterans of America, for carrying our flag into battle and securing my life as it exists today! I was six months old when my own father (1924-2011) returned from a world of war to a life of peace.

What would you like to write about concerning veterans, or a Vet in your family?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section!

(BONUS Trivia: How long did it take Gutzon Borglum and, eventually, his son to sculpt the four Presidential facial figures that became the famous work at Mount Rushmore?
ANSWER: 16 years!)

Photo from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg

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