Here, I’m going to say “thank you” a lot! And, although, I would encourage you to write about whatever stirs you, I am going to write about thankfulness, as well.

I’ll contribute grateful “thank yous”. Please feel free to respond with your own thoughts of gratitude in the comments. Your gratitude comment needn’t be about the current post; it can be from any period in your life, ongoing, or in the past. Your comment needn’t be short, or long; comment as you wish. Just write. Use the privilege.

This blog isn’t about a comparison of things. It’s not talk about I’m glad I have this and not that. This is straight out, heart-felt gratitude, as in — I’m thankful (grateful) for my loving family, how my garden grows, last evening’s sunset, my sidekick pet(s), my paper boy who always arrives cheerily on time, etc. It’s about life and writing about life.

This is not a place to complain about what we want. Complaining can be politely done at:
http://www.randomcomplaintdept.wordpress.com .

Here, we explore writing sincere thank you notes; we’re grateful, and we want to express it. So, let’s admit we’re grateful and communicate a good, old-fashioned “Thank You”!

Because I am a lover of Nature, bonus material for this blog will include trivia about the many national parks residents of the USA may enjoy. Their designation as land spaces to be preserved was one of the numerous miracles that came out of the minds of our forefathers to benefit future generations of Americans.

What miracles of Nature, or foresight, sing to you?

If you are an animal lover and extremely grateful, as I am, for your pet(s), you might enjoy my Second Primary blog, where animals express their viewpoints, at:

Your own thank-yous probably will prompt you to write more and more on things for which you feel thankful, and that is always a good thing. Thinking about gratitude — which should be applied liberally in life — may lead you to other thoughts, to wider subject matter. Write about it, by all means. Let your own thoughts lead you to your own stories!

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Photo from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg