Here, we’re going to say “thank you” a lot.

I’ll contribute a grateful “thank you”. Please feel free to respond with your own thoughts of gratitude in the comments. Your gratitude comment needn’t be about the current post; it can be from any period in your life, ongoing, or in the past. Your comment needn’t be short, or long; comment as you wish.

This isn’t a comparison of things, now. It’s not talk about I’m glad I have this and not that. This is straight out, heart-felt gratitude, as in — I’m thankful (grateful) for my loving family; how my garden grows, last evening’s sunset, my talent to draw, my sidekick pet(s), my paper boy who always arrives cheerily on time, etc.

This is not a place to complain about what we want. Complaining can be politely done at:

http://www.randomcomplaintdept.wordpress.com .

Neither is this the place to germinate writing ideas on thankfulness, gratitude, or other subject matter for contemplation, or production. See ideas and story prompts at:

http://www.storypromptsdeluxe.wordpress.com .

Here, we are writing sincere thank you notes; we’re grateful, and we want to express it. So, let’s admit we’re grateful and communicate a good, old-fashioned “Thank You”!

If you are an animal lover and extremely grateful, as I am, for your pet(s), you might enjoy my Second Primary blog, where animals express their viewpoints, at:

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Thank you for participating in expressing gratitude!

Photo from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg