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Thank You — Gratitude-18 — Passionate Letter Writers


Letters to the Editor may seem of no real importance at first mention, but when one stops to consider the subject matter many times centered in these efforts is about patriotism, or citizenship, reevaluation may be necessary.

My gratitude today is for letter-writers like Willie P., of Paulding, Ohio, and Jackie S., of Archbold, Ohio.

This month, Willie P. wrote of the need to continue to protect our American Constitution. By helping draft and support documents like the Articles of Confederation, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the American Constitution, our Founding Fathers also created risks to their own lives, as their efforts meant supporting a complete break from the British government, Willie P. pointed out. Without the continuation of knowledge on, and support for, these documents of freedom, American freedom cannot stand.


Jackie S. reminded us of her relationship with, and appreciation for, Bob Heft, former mayor of Napoleon, Ohio, who drafted the design for the 50-State American flag. Bob didn’t stop there, Jackie S. rightfully declared. He dedicated his life to serve and promote the flag and the American way of life it represents.

These are passionate reminders that freedom is not free. Freedom is a continuous work in progress. It must be nurtured throughout every generation of Americans to ensure its success.

Much can be written about these individuals, or ones you know who have made similar contributions. Why wait to do so?

Photos from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg



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