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Thank You–Gratitude-12–Cleveland Ohio

What a night in Cleveland, Ohio! And a celebration of respect and gratitude was on the frontlines!


From a sports fan’s and Ohioan’s viewpoint, the city of Cleveland, Ohio, did itself proud last night in an amazing situation when the Cleveland Indians opened the World Series with a Game One 6-0 victory over the Chicago Cubs at Progressive Field, while the Cleveland Cavaliers were next door at Quicken Loans Arena raising their 2015-’16 NBA Championship banner before dispatching the New York Knicks, 117-88, in the 2016-’17 NBA season opener.

The Indians have waited for another World Series championship since 1948. The Cavs’ NBA Championship, completed in June of this year, was the team’s first ever NBA title!  (Oh, right: the Cleveland Browns won their only NFL Championship in 1964!)

The King, LeBron James, recorded a triple double performance after he and his Cavs Court had received their championship rings in an emotional ceremony.

High emotions in the two heart-thumping sports moments didn’t translate to mayhem and destruction. Reactions were made up of gratitude, respect, and humbleness. (Even the Chicago Cubs, who last won the World Series in 1908, were respectful losers in their first game of the 2016 Series.)

Thank you, everyone who respected each other in Cleveland, Ohio, last night!

Anyone got a sports story to write?

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Thank You–Gratitude-11–George Will

He makes me laugh; he makes me cry and appreciate; he makes me think…

Crooner Frank Sinatra in 1947

Thanks, Mr. and Mrs. Will, for columnist George Will!

(LAUGH): George Will luxuriates in America’s game — baseball — and its all-time memories and importance in the American psyche, as well as its past buffoonery in the love of the down-trodden Chicago Cubs (2016’s National League representative in the World Series) and random diamond prankstership.

(CRY and APPRECIATE): George Will remembers real music — Frank Sinatra singing “Summer Wind”.

(THINK): George Will realizes “the younger generation” never has read the minutes of the last meeting and will, inexplicably, plunge ahead, only learning as it does so, with no regard to the lessons of the past.

I truly appreciate and am thankful for newspaper columnist George Will. He is, after all, a talented writer from whom every other writer can learn a lesson!

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Thank You–Gratitude-10–True Happiness Is…



I, and we must all, extend our gratitude to Liberty Center, Ohio’s “Positive People Partners”, creators of National Forgiveness and Happiness Day (today!) October 7 !

The organization suggests reading three times today the Proclamation of True Happiness, a national proclamation that promotes good will among men, and sharing it with as many people as possible !

The entire month of October is National Forgiveness and Happiness month. (Read more at )

And, writers be informed, there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking inspiration from this sort of positive attitude and finding ways to write happy endings to your stories! Watch a Hallmark movie!


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