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Thank You–Gratitude-4–Dad/Mother


We lost Dad, we eight, in 2011; our beloved Mother, in 2015. They were 87, and 90, respectively, at the time they left us.

The other day, I read yet another tragic story of family abuse, of a father who abused his wife in front of their children.

Today, I want to say a very special and specific thank you for having been raised by a loving Dad, who never failed to show respect and love to his wife, our Mother, in front of us. Their love was constant, sprinkled with wonderful humor, cemented in respect and faith.

Our Mother was singularly devoted to Dad, and we grew in strength and faith through her example when he passed.

Thank you, Dad; thank you, Mother. We all know you are together again. We miss you, here, on Earth.

50th Wedding Anniversary

(BONUS Trivia: Records reveal this park is home to the most diversified bird species of any of the national parks.
ANSWER: Big Bend National Park in Texas!)

Photos from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg



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